Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Game of Your LIFE

I am easily hooked with something I like. Last October, I was able to come across with an installer for an online game and the cover fascinated me. Someone who loves colors, drama, and the new ideas that come, I then installed it and again I was hooked.
Many pesos spent, timeless grinding and sleepless noons after, I have become an “Adept” already. Adept is when you have matured into a true warrior after many monsters killed, missions accomplished, and yes many enemies made. It was until days ago when I turned adept that I have felt the hardship and the true essence of this game comparing it to our real life.
Yes, it is fictional, and it was made for one’s enjoyment. But it turned out that it was more than one addictive drug that keeps you thinking of your next mission or your next leveling. I haven’t tried any online game before this but maybe this one can make you reflect on what you are as the character you have created. You can be treacherous like the “Snake” clan, or powerful and daring as the “Tiger” clan, or placid yet deadly as the “Dragon” clan. At first it didn’t matter at all, but after months of meeting new “housemates” and party teammates, many curses and harsh words read and uttered – 12Sky became a new ground for me to gauge myself, my ability to tolerate the crude environment the world and our society has become, and maybe the ability to adapt to a new generation of power hungry individuals.
This game is a game of real people in their truest unadorned selves. When one plays of a self made fictional character he become the creation he has driven to life but in the next many months the character becomes you. I have met in many instances many true people inside the Wandering City –
*One who invites you to “party” with them and in the middle you are dismissed for not returning the party call:
*One who seeks help and never again be heard when he has become powerful and rich with silver:
*One who asks for little pots of health and magic but cannot type the word “thank you”;
*Many who type “Spot KO!!!”, even if they are on the other side grinding monsters as if the monster of 12Sky will become endangered like honest politicians:
*and there are others who take time to guide you through your new role even though it takes more of their time (yes, you know who you are.).

When I was given my level up for the Adept level, I was apprehensive of using my A1 armor for unexplainable reasons. I took me about 20 minutes to try on my new and more powerful costume because of the unknown attributes it would give me. It seemed like I was a child again trying to take on his new bicycle. But when you have gained power already, I presume that others think that being more powerful can give them more access to use more inexperienced warriors for their benefit, be inconsiderable masters to their apprentices, and be more uncaring team leaders.

In this game called life, sometimes we have to be a part and work with a fierce team, gamble our hard earned wealth with something we are not sure, trust a comrade you meet along the way to the Forbidden Path, be disregarded by ones whom you placed in your friends’ list, find a luck of fortune in your quests, and maybe find the destiny you have been seeking for. For those who play this game, beware of the consequences, for whatever you have mistakenly done, there is no “undo or CNTL+Z” but all you have to do is retrace your steps and do it right once again.

In the end, in anything that would involve power, gold and silver, character or reality you are what you are - selfish, generous, forgiving, uncaring. One has to do whatever it takes to get that powerful spot.

12Sky is a game of imagination yet it’s a game like your real life.

Thanks prOx for guiding.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Season to be Jolly

Who says Blue isn't a happy color? For a bank here in our city, I created a silver and blue motif for their Christmas decor and mixed with silver, blue will always be elegant and joyous! The idea of creating paper cutouts for the poinsettias and hollies really made the decor theme one which is unique.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

another step forward

It has been my long dream to create clothes for the future, what can be more appropriate than making clothes for the younger clientele. Observing the little "fashionistas" of today, they are more inclined to be dressed up in easy and less maintained clothes made of cottonette. Fashion is a fast moving fad now a days and I see less of the glamour and primness of dressing when they are supposed to look cute and adorable like the days of lace and smocking.
Now after many attempts, I have finally created the younger line of VIAJERRO, the Bebe V - the young travelers who just started their new journey towards life.
Holiday dresses and shirts for the little ones from eight months to five years old made of pure cotton, satin, and organza in one of a kind jewel color designs are our initial produce. These clothes are really perfect as your holiday gifts.
We will be opening the VIAJERRO Christmas store on the 10th of December.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Of Robes and Men

It was my first time to witness a very special and sacred event of one man’s journey from being a common person to one that will be revered and regarded highly as a priest. As I entered the San Carlos Borromeo Cathedral, the voice of many vocal chords which were intertwined and beautifully harmonized by a Good Friend, Juan Carlos Solidarios, greeted my ears and the choral started it all. All the moments of the ceremony never stopped giving me goose bumps.

It was the ordination of “Cho-cho” Benlot, who, I know during his RCBC days. I have heard of many who have been ordained yet I never took another chance to ask for Cho’s permission to take pictures of the event for I know this will be something I could remember forever and for the celebrant to cherish for the rest of his glorious life.

I have never seen a cluster of cream and white robed priests in one place. It was the holiest of all holiest I should say.

The singing of the Litany of the Saints is an especially moving and memorable moment in the ordination ritual. This is when the celebrant prostrates himself before the altar as the prayers of the Litany invoke God's saving mercy and the intercession of all the saints to send down the Holy Spirit upon this man who will soon become a priest.

As the ceremony continued to the washing of the celebrant’s hands, I cannot help thinking of the word “celibacy”. As a “not-so-active” religious person, I consider the “priesthood” as a calling, one choice that one has to think about his whole life. Priesthood is a noble inclination for me and for most of the Filipinos; we look highly of these “God-sent”
Messengers as representatives of the One we call “God”. Cleansing oneself of his “human” dirt and be thoroughly clean and spotless before Him. But what if he makes one mistake that could stain his cleanliness?
Can “sin” just be erased by five “Holy Marys” and five “Our Fathers”?
For a common person it can be erased by words like “Sorry” or even a simple misspelled text “sori” will do, but what if one who cleanses himself before the trusting public and before the watchful Big “Father” make one honest mistake?

Can he say that he is only “human” and if "He" can forgive, who are we not to forgive? Then there are always crimes to be committed, money to be laundered, children to be exploited, wives to be had. We can always be forgiven.

Tears started to congregate in my eyes as Cho’s mother helped him vest his stole, surrendering her son to His Maker and let him be the instrument that he chose to be. It felt like pride became a virtue for me, I have a friend who became a priest and I am sure that he is one that will not use the reason of reasons just to be excused.

“Is it congratulations?” I asked him in my phone call about taking the photographs. After witnessing the beautiful event, I can say it really is a “Congratulations, Cho!”

May we be guided always.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another Talent

I have known Joven during his college days in Sta. Rita, a college here in San Carlos. After winning many second and third prizes during the bodypainting events that I had produced, Joven has found a pedestal where he could excel. I am proud to have witnessed the transformation of an artist. Here are his "takes" during "SE7EN".

Sunday, November 8, 2009

From the Joystick to the Big Screen

I just cannot wait to see the screen adaptation of my favorite PS2 game that gave me the idea of the theme of "SE7EN", The Seventh NPBC. To be released in May 2010 by Walt Disney, the movie is produced by Jerry Bruckheimer (Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Pearl Harbor in 2001) and written for the screen by Jordan Mechner(game designer, producer, director of the videogame which was released in 1989.
I cannot wait for the movie especially that the Prince is portrayed by one of my favorites, Jake Gyllenhaal and with appearances by the remarkable Ben Kingsley. It seems that 2010 is still so far away but thinking that it will also be a year to look forward for the bodypainting fans, our hearts are tingling with excitement already.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


The public is restless, people are whistling to suggest impatience, the members of the crew have already felt numb of the questions of the eager audience. Finally, after two hours of waiting, the lights of the auditorium dimmed and the noise of impatience was replaced with utmost silence. The revenge has come.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

The 11 Finalists

Probably the Nui Pintaflores Bodypainting Competitions standard of choosing the finalists is getting a bit higher already. Only 11 were chosen to present their works on November 3. The finalists are:

Bob Bartulin, San Carlos City, "Greed"
Gremar Castellano,San Carlos City, "Diligence"
Kentoi, Bacolod City, "Kindness"
Jr Lanohan, San Carlos City, "Patience"
Jefferson Garcia, Don Salvador Benedicto, "Charity"
Michael, San Carlos City,"Pride"
Moti, Bacolod City, "Gluttony"
John Ray Gonzales, San Carlos City,"Lust"
Dboy, San Carlos City,"Envy"
Michael Balquin, Cadiz City, "Sloth"
Cocoi Ubaldo, Bacolod City, "Chastity"

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Second Coming is Near

Participating are 11 artists from Bacolod and San Carlos, 11 models, 30 high caliber photographers in one big production to celebrate the beauty of the human body. Catch them on November 3.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Tickets

These are collector's items! For the first time the tickets will be of different designs for the P150.00 prime tickets. The lower front seat tickets (P150.00) will be by prioritized by reservation, please buy your tickets early for nearer seats.
Call or text Eric 09052818333 or call at 7298215.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

ChinChin Esponilla as Patience

I learned patience, perseverance, and dedication. Now I really know myself, and I know my voice. It's a voice of pain and victory.
Anthony Hamilton

Chin chin as a dancer possesses the innate talent to express emotions through her fine movements, her subtle expression of the eyes and her meek yet playful attitude make her a contender for the Best Bodypainting Model of the year for this year's NUI PINTAFLORES Bodypainting Competition. Watch for her on November 3 at 7:30 pm at the Cuty Auditorium.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


photo by Eric E. Cabales

photo by Fides Mae Mascunana Anievas

How can you keep your feelings to yourself? where do you get your strength to pull it up yet never let it come out?

It's Aljun Rey Tauban from Canlaon City, who I had the chance to paint this afternoon. We started at 11:30 am and ended the painting session by 5 pm. It was a tiring but very rewarding day fir we feel that we have done something different today.
I have a new student and follower, Maymay, my neice and avid supporter. Keep watching out for the details dear!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Pride is SIN

Calling All artists from the nearby cities and from farther, join the Prestigious and Extravagant presentation of the Art of Body Painting in the country!

Models for Advertising and Photo Exhibit wanted! You must at least be 18 years old! Model for Pride, Cranise Gonzales, taken during Engkantado, the NUI Bodypainting Awards 2008

The First of the Seven is LUST

Calling All artists from the nearby cities and from farther, join the Prestigious and Extravagant presentation of the Art of Body Painting in the country!

Models for Advertising and Photo Exhibit wanted! You must at least be 18 years old! Thanl you Aozora Marquez for posing for LUST.

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Buddies and the Bodies of NORSU

The Day is near. Everybody will be judged and they need your support! See you there on the 24th of September!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Search For Mr. & Ms. NORSU (Guihulngan)

Armin Rene Armonio (CT), Jimrey Jaime (CAS), Noe Lagaras(CT), Geymart Flores (CED)
Cris Lyndon Ledon(CBA), Benedict Raymond Besario(CBA), Aljun Rey Tauban(CAS), Melborn Bacalso(CED)
Evangeline Villamor (CT), Jubell Jumaday (CT), Catherine Mae Sanguenza (CED), Love Faith Bulabon (CAS),
Jarlet Gonzaga (CBA), Ritchell Tamayo (CED), Sarita Alquisal (CAS), Diana Joy Flores (CBA)

Who do you think deserve the Crowns?

Monday, August 31, 2009

Another Batch Meeting

clockwise: Reuben Tabinas, Rosauro Sabanal, Jinky Halili, Paticia Fabores, Hope Caballero, Teresita Carbajosa, Mesalane Laspinas, Carlos Arenilla, Joselito Ordonez,Leo Soria. Antonio Diacamos, Renato Ponce, Allan Mancao, Christopher Solidarios, Negro Requeron, Allan Nemenzo

For those who have forgotten our faces and for those who miss us!

Sunday, August 30, 2009


Georgene Quilaton
Mitzi Laguda Lim

Apple Cabales

Danielle June Villaflor
Just a few random shots of women whom I had the chance to take photos

The Phoenix Lost Images

After scavenging my files for lost photos, I have fomally found them! The photos of Hari ng Negros Bodypainting Contest in Canlaon last June.