Saturday, June 28, 2008


Wanting and needing to create more, we invited Charner to pose for us for our new collection of Bodypainting Pictures. 4 hours of painting and 2 hours of Picure taking, the result is breathtaking - we cannot imagine and believe Allan and I can create an image as beautiful as this.
Thank you Charner for your body, Aljhun and Pron for holding the lights.
Stay tuned for more...

Of Man and His Legacy

  • It was an afternoon after the typhoon that shook Visayas and we (me and the artists) were apprehensive of going to Canlaon since here was no reply from those whom we texted but still we headed to the highest peak of the city. The first project for KINA-ADMAN, Art Assn. of San Carlos City, the bodypainting for Hari ng Negros was a memorable one in so many aspects. Here are the photos that I have taken with Allan. Enjoy!

Friday, June 13, 2008


The photo exhibit of the ENGKANTADO in Gaisano City San Carlos brought a new dimension in the NUI Bodypainting Awards and it brought the high art to the masses. !7 photographers from San Carlos, Bacolod and Cebu City took part in capturing the essence of nature, art and photography in one location called Fortuna Lagoon. From more than 40 images, the public was fed with colors and emotions and some had cast their choice for the Best Picture. It was the first for he SCC public - the first to view the bodypainting in still images and the first to take part in choosing the best captured moment. 335 eager people casted their votes, almost all pictures were voted and there even was a small number of votes that set the first from the second as the winner garnered 45 votes. The Nui Bodypainting Awards Committee proudly congratulates MIKE JO of The Cebu Digital Photographers for his moving and magical take of Charnis Gonzales in flight.
Congraulations MIKE!
Our thank yous to Dennis, and the Camera Club of Negros and Cebu Digital Photographers and Mr. Marton Cui for allowing us to photograph the beauty of Fortuna Lagoon.

Friday, June 6, 2008


As the models performed their last performance, the relief on my part was so immense that I had trouble controlling my breath while reading the synopsis of each artist's work, the words seemed to juggle and danced on their own that grouping them into sentences was so difficult as my breathing. Maybe it was excitement or maybe stress, but to sum it all up - WE DID IT!
Yes, after almost 8 years since I staged the first bodypainting at NUI in centermall, we have done it again... ALONE! Alone maybe a word of solitude of one or a group but for us, me and Alan dela Fuente and Jay Broce, the travel to what we wanted to reach is always uncertain. Like the last Nui Pintaflores Bodypainting Competitions which was suppose to be celebrating its 7th year with the San Carlos City Local Gov't. and the Tourism Office, only to be canceled weeks before for lack of funds. It was a big blow but we took it as a challenge on the organizer's part for we started it alone on June 30 of 2001 and we hoped we can do it again.
And we did!
Our gratitude to the following individuals and offices who have shown their concern for the continuing pursuit of making the art of bodypainting, a legacy for San Carlos from our generation:
Dennis Tanyu for the persistent calls when I was hibernating in Aklan, for making me feel hat what I am doing is right, for bringing the Camera Club of Negros and the Cebu Digital Photographers to our bodypainting arena;
Dr. Edgar Divinagracia for the passion and love for what we do, no matter how crazy and spectacular, there is still a space reserved for his encouraging words;
Zach and Jolina Anonio Adams for the support:
Mr. Alvin Calvo of Gaisano City San Carlos for lending us the space for the photography exhibit;
GAP, City Designs, San Miguel Corp.,
and Mr. Raymond Laguda for always being one fan and one interested student;
Gamboa Hnos. Inc., for letting us use the Fortuna Lagoon as the beautiful backdrop for he location shoot;
the panel of judges composed of Mr. Sonny Apayla; Mr. Mike Ocampo, chair of Hari ng Negros; Deedah Tambis, Miss San Carlos 2007 and Sinulog Queen 2008; Mrs. Shiela Estampador Blanco, Miss San Carlos 1997; Dr. Edgar Divinagracia; and a visual artist from Bacolod Moreen Austria;
Allan Dela Fuente who shared with me the same concern for the arts of San Carlos and for making and designing the awesome stage that left everyone breathless;
Jay Broce for his talen in creating and mixing different music genre into one soundtrack that was both haunting and full of excitement;
San Carlos Tourism Staff who facilitated the Exhibit reception, box office and the Gaisano Midnight Sale presentation of winners;
Artists, models, dancers, choreographers Eric Pomar and Ferjohn Ulgasan;
Mikoy and the staff who operated the projectors;
Mr. Ramon Lamprea for the video;
Joy Secong for the especially designed trophies;
my ever supportive family - a father who sees nothing but my success, my nieces and nephews,
my nanay Coret and Tito Bal who came all the way from Aklan to witness another memory in the making and so with my family from Canlaon;
my brother Alvin, one who shares with me the same vision for the arts and Pintaflores of San Carlos, one who supports me to the maximum by not asking me why I do this without the most important ingredient which is the budget but instead asks how much can he give;
and to The One who gave me the talent, the compassion for others, the capability to create and the persistence to continue what I feel is right, and the imagination of doing the impossible and realizing that with His strength and love, everything is possible.
The One is the ENGKANTADO who lives in us, he is the one who let us realize the importance of each living thing because of its beauty or purpose, the one who gives us clean air that we pollute, water to drink that we contaminate and food that is a necessity that we over consume.

Until the next bodypainting, after all the hardships and soliciting funds, we can surely say that we are not alone anymore in our endeavors for there are many who are gifted with the sight for passion and the heart for everything that is dignified and true.

Thank you for the compassion.