Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Little Blessings

Their father created his first son when he was only fourteen years old, their mother was eighteen then. Four sons after, they parted ways, seeking a "life" of their own, he is still struggling to keep up with his lost teen years and she is also busy straightening her twisted past. Now in his fourth grade, the eldest son, who happens to be my godson, is nine years old and practicing of becoming a young responsible son while the younger one, on his first grade is still as naughty as a child wanting for a lost fatherly love.
They come to the house every weekend, helping with the little chores, hoping for a better life their parents cannot spare them. They have become the laughter in ours silent Saturdays and Sundays, and another responsibility to share.
Every weekend for them is like a trip to the carnival, I would regard as their fantasy land where food is more abundant and the television has color. They said that they always look forward to weekends like children of the wealthy family look forward in going to the malls and shopping. Having these little kids around is a humbling experience for me and the family, their simple joys make me think twice of the blessings that we take for granted like the cup of coffee that has been left in a corner for hours that these boys seldom drink for their breakfast. These little boys have shown me that I have been blessed with responsible parents, with a life that isn't lavish but appropriately provided, with an education and love that cannot be taken away from me. I am blessed.
I am blessed with a beautiful life, with an understanding and open mind, with a heart that never closes when help is needed. What more can I ask for?
These are my two little weekend boys, I am blessed to have become part of them.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


You can never predict the future as you can never predict what happens to a photograph when Adobe Photoshop sets in.