Saturday, December 5, 2009

another step forward

It has been my long dream to create clothes for the future, what can be more appropriate than making clothes for the younger clientele. Observing the little "fashionistas" of today, they are more inclined to be dressed up in easy and less maintained clothes made of cottonette. Fashion is a fast moving fad now a days and I see less of the glamour and primness of dressing when they are supposed to look cute and adorable like the days of lace and smocking.
Now after many attempts, I have finally created the younger line of VIAJERRO, the Bebe V - the young travelers who just started their new journey towards life.
Holiday dresses and shirts for the little ones from eight months to five years old made of pure cotton, satin, and organza in one of a kind jewel color designs are our initial produce. These clothes are really perfect as your holiday gifts.
We will be opening the VIAJERRO Christmas store on the 10th of December.

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