Saturday, October 31, 2009

The 11 Finalists

Probably the Nui Pintaflores Bodypainting Competitions standard of choosing the finalists is getting a bit higher already. Only 11 were chosen to present their works on November 3. The finalists are:

Bob Bartulin, San Carlos City, "Greed"
Gremar Castellano,San Carlos City, "Diligence"
Kentoi, Bacolod City, "Kindness"
Jr Lanohan, San Carlos City, "Patience"
Jefferson Garcia, Don Salvador Benedicto, "Charity"
Michael, San Carlos City,"Pride"
Moti, Bacolod City, "Gluttony"
John Ray Gonzales, San Carlos City,"Lust"
Dboy, San Carlos City,"Envy"
Michael Balquin, Cadiz City, "Sloth"
Cocoi Ubaldo, Bacolod City, "Chastity"

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