Sunday, November 8, 2015

2015 Aborigins Hangover

After the success of bodypainting, we still have a lingering hang over that asks to be nurtured.

New beginnings, they say, for me, new horizons and new concepts to better my art.

A GIF I created to prove that the paints were actually done on the body of Jestoni.

Thursday, March 5, 2015


In my search for enlightenment for my new photography and bodypainting series, I did not realize the culture of Aklan as a very versatile and a very rich one.

EAGNAT it TALIBONG is about the passion of each artist, each writer, each artisan who seek for enrichment and freedom of his expression. It is not about the story of the Talibong which becomes feverish when it cannot slay someone. "Eagnat" for me pertains to the fever of each of us, the fever that only leaves the body when an idea or artwork is expressed fully. It represents our desire to share, to educate and maybe to help others see what we feel.

I am most grateful to have met Mel Constanino, Sumra Dela Cruz, Fuji Teodosio (who recently had an exhibit of his pen and ink Talibongs in the Akean Museum) and I finally found someone who is equally dedicated to promote artistry, preserve the culture, and uplift the artisans of Aklan, Hon. Soviet Dela Cruz.

My journey started a month ago as we did a shoot in Afga, Tangalan, Aklan but I feel the journey become real when we passed by a "Pandayan" a Blacksmith's work area, in Bugtong Bato, Aklan.
When I entered Manong Hernen Traje's workplace, I cannot believe that I am now inside the dream of the Talibong. I let myself get lost in this place, so proud of an idea that now became a reality.

I am still lost for words. Maybe the photos will tell the stories themselves.

Let the dream continue...

Let us support these artisans by buying their works, the butcher's and kitchen knives from 888, Unitop, and other department stores may be cheaper but as Hon. Soviet Dela Cruz said "We have the better quality of knives and these artisans deserved to be supported.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Sunday, June 29, 2014

The World Tour Series, The Grecian War

Among The World Tour Body Painting Series, Greece may be the biggest when it comes to production and costumes. To be held in the San Carlos City Auditorium, Greece hopes to show the city to the world of the talents it produces.

We are inviting all photographers to join the biggest Bodypainting Photography Shoot this JULY 26, Saturday in San Carlos City, Greece is the last film shooting of our full length documentary film, KAYAMA, Everchanging Lanscapes due to be released internationally in 2015. KAYAMA, The Movie is produced by Darlene Catly Malimas and Andrea Capranico, who is also the director of the film.

REGISTRATION FEE is Php 2,000.00 which is inclusive of Hotel Accommodation, Dinner, Breakfast, and exclusive all pass ID during the painting session at KAYAMA, San Carlos.

For San Carlos Residents and those who going back to their respective cities and towns after the shoot, Registration Fee is Php 1,750.00 only, also inclusive of dinner and exclusive all access pass.

We require all interested participants to REGISTER ON or BEFORE JULY 24, 2014, for hotels and accommodation reservations. Registration is transferable but not refundable.

For those who register on July 25-26, Registration Fee is Php 2,500.00 for those who will be staying overnight and Php 2,250.00 for those who are leaving the city after the shoot.

What to expect from Greece:
       Gold and Grand Set Design
       Intricate Costumes and props
       At least ten (10) male and female body painted models
       Continuous lighting
       Different sets for individual photo shoot
For inquiries, please email us @ or PM me @ my Facebook Account

We would love to have you in Greece and in all our upcoming projects, please do not hesitate to contact us, the Viajerro group.