Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Game of Your LIFE

I am easily hooked with something I like. Last October, I was able to come across with an installer for an online game and the cover fascinated me. Someone who loves colors, drama, and the new ideas that come, I then installed it and again I was hooked.
Many pesos spent, timeless grinding and sleepless noons after, I have become an “Adept” already. Adept is when you have matured into a true warrior after many monsters killed, missions accomplished, and yes many enemies made. It was until days ago when I turned adept that I have felt the hardship and the true essence of this game comparing it to our real life.
Yes, it is fictional, and it was made for one’s enjoyment. But it turned out that it was more than one addictive drug that keeps you thinking of your next mission or your next leveling. I haven’t tried any online game before this but maybe this one can make you reflect on what you are as the character you have created. You can be treacherous like the “Snake” clan, or powerful and daring as the “Tiger” clan, or placid yet deadly as the “Dragon” clan. At first it didn’t matter at all, but after months of meeting new “housemates” and party teammates, many curses and harsh words read and uttered – 12Sky became a new ground for me to gauge myself, my ability to tolerate the crude environment the world and our society has become, and maybe the ability to adapt to a new generation of power hungry individuals.
This game is a game of real people in their truest unadorned selves. When one plays of a self made fictional character he become the creation he has driven to life but in the next many months the character becomes you. I have met in many instances many true people inside the Wandering City –
*One who invites you to “party” with them and in the middle you are dismissed for not returning the party call:
*One who seeks help and never again be heard when he has become powerful and rich with silver:
*One who asks for little pots of health and magic but cannot type the word “thank you”;
*Many who type “Spot KO!!!”, even if they are on the other side grinding monsters as if the monster of 12Sky will become endangered like honest politicians:
*and there are others who take time to guide you through your new role even though it takes more of their time (yes, you know who you are.).

When I was given my level up for the Adept level, I was apprehensive of using my A1 armor for unexplainable reasons. I took me about 20 minutes to try on my new and more powerful costume because of the unknown attributes it would give me. It seemed like I was a child again trying to take on his new bicycle. But when you have gained power already, I presume that others think that being more powerful can give them more access to use more inexperienced warriors for their benefit, be inconsiderable masters to their apprentices, and be more uncaring team leaders.

In this game called life, sometimes we have to be a part and work with a fierce team, gamble our hard earned wealth with something we are not sure, trust a comrade you meet along the way to the Forbidden Path, be disregarded by ones whom you placed in your friends’ list, find a luck of fortune in your quests, and maybe find the destiny you have been seeking for. For those who play this game, beware of the consequences, for whatever you have mistakenly done, there is no “undo or CNTL+Z” but all you have to do is retrace your steps and do it right once again.

In the end, in anything that would involve power, gold and silver, character or reality you are what you are - selfish, generous, forgiving, uncaring. One has to do whatever it takes to get that powerful spot.

12Sky is a game of imagination yet it’s a game like your real life.

Thanks prOx for guiding.

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