Friday, May 25, 2012

A Daily Doze of Creativity

From the pc monitors to reality, the Viajerro crew is not stopping to pursue our dream since 2010. We are working till 2am everyday, the deatils are very exhausting to make but we cannot stop because this is what we wanted. On this post, you will see the process in making the costumes, from the cutting of the patterns, to the assemblage of the small pieces to the colors. This will be one memorable photoshoot for all of us.

 The First Clan Member Shoot (yet his last for the meantime)

This may be the first time I did a shoot with cough, fever and running nose yet this has to be done. MTYCUP and Viajerro would bid goodbye for our very dear friend, Joevir Gabutero as he flies to the Land of Opportunities to be with his wifey. See you soon vir, it has been very good o have you around me and all of us always.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Labyrinth, Workflow Studies

Using some old materials, I tried another flow for my next project, The Labyrinth which is inspired by my mos favorite game which is the 12 Sky 2. After years of anticipation, costume studies, finally every player's dream will soon come to life. Keep posted guys for the photos.

Reminiscing the past, you may check on my past post about this beautiful game -