Saturday, February 2, 2008


It's another girl grandchild for me! Maymay and Noel's baby girl was born this morning exactly eight years after Maymay had her last critical operation in Silliman when she was still in college.
Another angel was conceived and another family is blessed.
Welcome Adie to the world!

True Faith

Love can move mountains they say but faith can move and melt even the hardest rock. The Ibajay Ati ati Festival of 2000 was a waking moment for me. Crying in the shoulders of my Nay Coret, my father's younger sister who I consider my second mother, I asked her the meaning of the celebration. I even asked her and maybe God what must I be thankful for and be working for when the meaning of all the things that I am working for was already gone. My mother's death eight months earlier was a great devastation for me and her loss was a loss of all my work's importance.
Why must we celebrate and what must we be grateful for?
Last January after seven years of unanswered questions the light was clear as day. As the image of the Sto. Nino came into view in the the Ibajay Church after the procession, everything came into pieces. Why must we be grateful? Why must we be happy and be waving our hands as we cry "VIVA"?
He is the meaning, He wants us to know that life is beautiful and life is too precious to waste and be ungrateful for. Everything has a meaning, has a purpose, and has a destiny - all we can do is wave our hands as the glass covered Image of he Sto. Nino passes us and cry "LIFE" because we need it and we are lucky to enjoy it.