Sunday, February 22, 2009


I just learned that a San Carlosanon has made an impact in the music scene in Cebu. Tata "Tata T" Tanuco, whom all of us would remember as the dancer, has made a niche of his own in the Bisrock community.
They call their group as "Saving Kamagong".

Monday, February 2, 2009

The Beautiful Satine

I created costumes for a Sinulog Party last January which I think are worth showing the world. Thanks a lot and Congratulations to Mitzi Laguda Lim, yes she is the first Pintafores Queen,for winning the Best in Costume Award!


I am getting old! When was it that I have took pictures of Maymay dancing om the table when she was still learning how to explore her legs for other uses or Daping when we first taught her the art of dance! Now, decades later, I am taking photographs of their f"irstborns" for their first birthdays. Adee, Noel and Maymay's naughty daughter will be turning 1 today and Beau, Daping and Roy's adventurer, will be celebrating his first tomorrow.

Gosh, two new February grandchildren!

Happy birthday guys! Let us just hope your 'La Nins will still hev good eyesight for your wedding pictures!