Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Search For Mr. & Ms. NORSU (Guihulngan)

Armin Rene Armonio (CT), Jimrey Jaime (CAS), Noe Lagaras(CT), Geymart Flores (CED)
Cris Lyndon Ledon(CBA), Benedict Raymond Besario(CBA), Aljun Rey Tauban(CAS), Melborn Bacalso(CED)
Evangeline Villamor (CT), Jubell Jumaday (CT), Catherine Mae Sanguenza (CED), Love Faith Bulabon (CAS),
Jarlet Gonzaga (CBA), Ritchell Tamayo (CED), Sarita Alquisal (CAS), Diana Joy Flores (CBA)

Who do you think deserve the Crowns?


Anonymous said...

miss cas photogenic... gwapa gyud...

rhEy & roDs

ryan cabigon said...

hello! good luck to all candidates! hehehe i have my beat already. may the best candidate will become an ambassador/dress of goodwill after the grandeous night. hope u will leave the vision of excelence and service to all constituents and stakeholder of NORSU. Goodspeed. from ryan cabigon. former SG Pres. SY 2005-2006

mirpz ^_^ said...

wafa jud ang miss CAS...photogenic xah...MELBORN BACALSO,it's your time to shine...hehehe...gudluck to all the candidates!!!!

Anonymous said...

for ryan: u have ur beat already? i think u mean bet.