Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Angels

What is important in all our existence is to make the road easier for the next generattion to live in. Most grown ups would say or have said in their earlier days that "I will give my children the things I haven't got or I will not give them the hard times that I have experienced in my growing days". Indeed, the time has come and passed and many of us have fulfilled that promise and even blessed with more than one prayed for.

In the not-so-far away land of Abu Dabi in UAE, a group of San Carlos OFWs formed a unity called San Carlos City Aidgivers with one major goal which is to help and make life easier for the less fortunate brithers and sisters in their hometown of San Carlos City. The founding members (whom some of you will be familiar with) are Rinocen L. Canoy, Nimrod F. Nemenzo, Marciano F. Camorista, Jerry Nelson Bravo, my sister Ma. Alma Cabales Bravo. and Elissa L. Canoy.

Founded and formed more than four years ago (the conceptualization of SCCA), the group has already sent scholars to highschool and every year during Christmas, a bagful of grocery were given to chosen people.

Being part of the chosen people tasked to send out letters to schools for scholarships and handing the Christmas bags, I never felt so blessed being an instrument of this act of giving for the joy and happiness that one shows when receiving these gifts of love always touches my heart and it makes me hope that I can find more blessings so I could be able to share more.

Giving gifts to those who need more is always a humbling experience and there is always a small pinch in my heart thinking that their Christmas and New Year's eve will be happier and brighter for the angels have sent home their little tokens of love.

Keep it up SCCA and keep inspiring all of us!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Nightmare Before Christmas

With the Christmas rush and the rush of adrenalin that hasn't yet subsided after the Pasko sa Paseo, we still found time to sit down and do another bodypainting for "lack of anything to do".
Adu (who was not so confident that he can do bodypaint) and Aljhun (who was learning to be an artist), collaborated and created a work for makoy, I did Bhebhoy's body and the result was, as always. beautiful.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Just arrived from Pasko sa Paseo watching the presentation of the Tourism Office and as proud I was for the Tourism has prepared a show for the not so many people. The two performances that stood out were the ones from the Poseidon Dancers from Bacolod and the Adagio by the Julio Ledesma Nat'l. Highschool for the discipline and the mastery that are always the key factors in a performance. Congratulations!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


With only three weeks to realize a dream, the minds and hands of the people involved were compared to the ants who never got tired and hurrying their obligations before the rain arrives. Finally, after a week of nights with 3 hours sleep, the rain has come in the form of a blessing called the Openinng Night.

The afternoon was windy, rain clouds pass over the workers as if teasing us for a raindrop but not a single drop fell down from the skies and when the clock stroke six thirty, the big lights hovering over the Paseo de Flores main entrance was turned off and the Jester came out from the dark paths of the Paseo and the show entitled "the Birth of The Chosen One" began and angels came, the three kings and the painted animals arrived.

The concept that I have created for the opening was about the true colors of Christmas and the birth of our Creator but in a new twist, I did not know what sealed the people's hands from clapping - if it was awe or maybe boedom, until I received good feedbacks and I realized that the gates of the dream created has already been realized.

For the schedules and daily events, please visit

Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Brightest and Happiest

When you notice that dusk arrives early and you need to grapple for your blanket at dawn, these are signs that the Yuletide season is 20 yards away from you. The season to give and receive will be remembered this year for the place to celebrate the act of sharing ( yes, aside from our decorated homes) is about to be lightened up.

The San Julio Realty Inc. will share to the public the blessings and the essence of life through a small strip of walkway called the Paseo De Flores which will be transformed into a place magical and memorable - The Pasko sa Paseo, a Christmas Village that will highlight the true meaning of sharing and celebrating the child in all of us.

Opening this 16th of December at 6:30 pm, the Village will be open until the 4th of January from 5 in the afternoon to 12 midnight where different groups and organizations will be showcasing their own way of giving back what they have been showered- from the talents of some schools to gift giving and magical entertainments.

If one has forgotten the feeling of enjoyment and fascination in seeing a rabbit turned into a dove or simply the relaxing feeling of watching a series of dancing lights until they take one away from reality, then Pasko sa Paseo will be the place to share the enchantment with your children and your grand little ones. Fascination and dream can again be one.

With the support of the San Carlos City Government and the numerous sponsors, San Julio Realty wishes to touch more lives, inspire more minds and tickle the lost child in all of us.

Keep posted for the schedule of activities.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Just Another Photograph

Some of the VIAJERRO crew have long suggested of featuring Joshua, who ones woroked with me during The NUI Restobar days, but he was still with baby fats before. Three years after, the moment has arrived when he passed by yesterday after a short dip in the San Juan beach and we were not so busy installing christmas lights on the trees outside. As always, boredom can always bring out the best of our artistic side.