Monday, September 1, 2008

A Long Overdue Post

I have long been wanting to post a reflection of my post about the controversial gown which created a stir among the concerned and the "willing-to-be-concerned", but I didn't have supporting image because every blog post that I have done here are attached with images since I wanted to make this blog a blog of pictures and the millions of words they convey.

I am now in my finishing stage of my San Carlos City website and the image above is one I took about 4 years ago and it shows the busy traffic of the main commercial road of V. Gustilo where different motor powered and man powered vehicles passed. It is a growing city and part of its growth are trials and failures that make it a better and stronger one. As a citizen it is my part not just to share to the people the beauty of the city and how can one enjoy the peace and harmony if they visit the city but also to share what I truly feel so I maybe corrected if I am too judgemental or they may be corrected to the better path when others are astray.

I would like to commend the City Mayor's Office for the immediate attention of the case of what I have written in my blog. I know it created different reactions from people and one thing I am sure that the Mayor's office was not aware of my case and the incident of my blog made way to other transactions which have not been completed.

It was written that the "pen is mightier than the sword" but now, the internet is mightier than the pen and it is a very dangerous tool, we have to be careful of what we write and what we do for everything is too accessible to the world. I cannot say that I regretted what I have written because I haven't felt the strength of one blog until it changed one person's life. That is how life works - enjoy now and pay later.

Let us be careful of what we do, eveything is under the scrutiny of a higher Being who creates the rules. We are only here to draw our destiny and create opportunities for ourselves and then, others.

Once again, thank you to the City Mayor's Office to the immediate solution of my case and to your support of the Nui Bodypainting Competitions since its birth. More power to you and to all your staff!

Thank you.