Friday, October 31, 2008


Three more days to go and it will be the Grand Coronation Night and we are doubling our time with the candidates' gown pictorials. This morning was a rainy one and with the powers of Aozora, the rain gave way and the beauty so exotic and beautiful came to life. This is Aozora Marquez and no one can stop her from evoking sensualiy and pure awe as we look at her in our lenses.

Exotic, passionate and always smiling, that is Aozora.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


There is order in chaos, amidst the dozens of beauty hungry spectators, the gloomy sky this afernoon radiated with light when Danielle walked to the location shoot from the Emerald Arcade. A highschool student with a very bright future that reflects in her very fair skin, Danielle is both shy and adventurous and never gets tired of the camera.

Beautiful, Danielle truly is an angel.


A charming and caring lady from the cluster of houses in the Urban Poor Area, Loutichelle is one memorable person I have met in the times when we are preparing ourselves for the big night on November 3. Memorable because I have found in her the true meaning of humility and truth of one's soul.

Set in the seat of the San Carlos City Government, the location shoot was a new experience for her and the ability to cope up with the needs of making a beautiful shot is one talent that I have discovered in her.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sun, Water and Paint

Sunday, the 25th of October, the morning sun was in its glorious state. The location was the grandious Fortuna Lagoon and the artists were from the Kina-adman, the Art Association of San Carlos City. I am not in my journalistic mode right now but here are the pics of what happened and again with the creative minds of the San Carlos City people, everything can be glorified.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Beaming with Pride

Just received an email from a long friend of mine who was a partner in my past crimes in art and photography and now a patron in everything that I do, the email contained a link and I was so astonished to find his name as the Grand Prize winner! Damn, the gloomy afternoon sky this afternoon became a hot and shining one as I witnessed the beauty of Arizona sky which Myton had taken and won among other nationalities. It goes to say that we Filipinos and the San Carlos City artists in partuicular have something to be proud of.

Congrastulations, Myton! I am sure, it wouldn't be me and your family alone are beaming with pride now - the whole San Carlosanon community are proud to have you as our own.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Alterred State of Mind

With so many things to do for the Pintaflores festival, we still have time to take a break and relax our brain nerves so we could recharge for another night of brain and muscle straining work on the costumes for the San Carlos City contingen. This is the result when an artist has nothing to do but kill time.

The model is Roel "Awe" Cuizon, Allan's nephew from Cebu and is working with us for the costumes.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Colors Anew

The eternal number eight gave me a new chance to experiment new concepts but not stray away form the true meaning of Art and Pinraflores. I acknowledge the chance I was given to Jason Ibanez and Jay Broce, and to the San Carlos City Government Office and Mayor Lacson for the trust.
To Allan Dela Fuente, again(!) for the talent that collides with mine but with him the possibilities and ideas are limitless.
To Pearl Portuguez and the ever supportive mother Betsy - your dedication and passion for the beauty of Pintaflores must never cease to flow.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Eight of 2008

As the days of the October calendar fade to a colorful November, the colors of Pintaflores are also starting to take vivid saturation. The beauties of The Eight chosen will unfold before everyone's eyes as we give you a quick feature of their individuality. Each has her own uniqueness and each will be loved for her being but the question is... who will be crowned as Miss San Carlos City 2008?


19 year old Rojan is one simple talented beauty who considers having been chosen as one of the "Eight of 2008" as one of her happiest moments. Rojan is the daughter of Roberto and Hannah Palomar from V. Gustilo St.

Living a simple simple life, Rojan has simple dreams - to be a teacher and a successful molder of her children for a better future.