Saturday, November 13, 2010


ETERNITY is the title of NUI Bodypainting Awards 2010. As NUI Bodypainting Competitions’ (NBC) 10th bodypainting presentation since 2001, ETERNITY is about life when everything on earth has been over used and over consumed; how Man survives after the extinction of his kind; how animals and plants adapt to a new wasted world different from their past environment. Can man adapt or evolve when his power to rule over flora and fauna become mere history?

This year’s bodypainting event will be the biggest ever, since three major events comprise ETERNITY:
The International Photoshoot which will be participated by over 90 photographers from 8 Asian countries on November 21 followed by the ETERNITY Prequel Dinner Presentation at the City Auditorium at 7:30 pm.
The ETERNITY Photo Exhibit,
and the Grand Presentation Night on December 4 at the City Auditorium.

Fifteen models and artists will be presenting their talents to win the title of Grand Champion, Model of the Year Award, and 2 Photographers' Choice Award.

Viajerro, San Julio Realty, Inc., and the newly formed San Carlos Digital Photographers' Assn., promises one night of passion, concern, art, and music which will be performed by one upcoming band from Bacolod, Pedro's mind.

In behalf of the presentors and artists, we would like to thank the City Government of San Carlos for their big support in making the International Photoshoot an event to behold. Thank you.

For all interested photographers who want to join the Photoshoot on December 4, Saturday, please email me at We would love to share with you the beauty and talents of San Carlos.