Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Moment

The days flew like crows scared by a movement in the bushes. No matter how long we prepared for the wedding of Myton and Bambi, the day of the 23rd came. It was the most stressful wedding I have ever done but it was one that I cannot forget. The making of a wedding is not an easy task especially this one when you have to surpass everybody’s expectations. This wedding has taught me a dozen lessons and ideas, a handful of recollected stories of friendship and mouthful of pride. It was a memorable wedding and what made it more unforgettable were:

(1) the presence of Jenny Antonio who had he patience and the talent of organizing my chaotic mind;

(2) the trust of the groom and the bride for giving the chance me most of the dirty work and unique ideas;

(3) the videographers (Threelogy) and photographers (East Digital Studio) who were crazy in all aspects;

(4) the bridal entourage who kept on their friendly modes;

(5) the humble cake maker who created one gigantic and stunning cake that make my hairs do their goose bumps;

(6) the coffee rations by Bogs to keep me up with their SanMig Lite rendezvous;

(7) the helping hands of Aljhun, my PA(?) who is the only one who can cope up with my busy and unpredictable mind;

(8) the extended hands of Andy who despite his frantic schedule in the PMA has secured me names for he Baguio flowers suppliers and Alfie who sent the floras from Manila;

(9) and most of all, our dear God who made this all achievable.

After the last d├ęcor has been put down, when even the small box of flowers was too heavy to carry downstairs, I can say that I have done my part and it was all worth the time, effort, and sweat. But there is only one thing that I have regretted, yes, I did not get to take pictures, yes not a single shot!

Just visit Threelogy’s website (the photos above were clipped from their on-site video) and check their AVP during the reception. How can I describe their work? Beautiful.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fresh Face

Another fresh of San Carlos is Sugar Bistis, who recently won the First runner up title of Miss San Carlos City '08. I had the chance o capture her very charming face and also her innate talent with the lens. This is a sample of what happened between Sugar, me and my camera and Benjo's talent in creating and enhancing beauty.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

They Come

The hectic schedule for my January 23 wedding leave me drained as the evening falls but there is still the urge to create and recreate. So, I opened my photoshop and scanned some pictures and my lost energy was again reclaimed for he urge to create and share always prevails. The result? A new technique I can call my own.
A few creations I did in the name of ART.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Another Angel

Before the year 2007 ended, the best Christmas gift Lope and Carmina received was one wrapped
with love. The gift came in a form of an angel named Zia Sabina. "Zia" is an Arabic name meaning splendor, light, glow because she is one who can bring light and sparkle to he proud father's eyes and "Sabina" for the strong character of a Sabine woman like the mother Carmina.
Every name has its meaning and the name of Lope and Carmina's angel seems to reflect each of their personality and each feeling for the other - the light that brightens the way to a beautiful future and the strength they share to conquer all what life can give them.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Of Images and The People Who Believe In Them

In the month of memorable celebrations, the Sto. Nino is the most celebrated! Check my 2007 Sinulog Festival web.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Everything happens because of you

Wedding stories are happy stories, like movies and telenovelas, the end episode usually shows the lovers reuniting after great unimaginable mishaps and intrigues have kept them separating and coming back to each others arms but others jushave beautiful stories in between episodes and this wedding is one.
It is 19 days more before the big day of myton and bambi and the pressure on my part as the second half of the organizing committee (i am lucky to have jenny antonio to be the other half) and everything is rushing like the last bus going home. The checklist now becomes a paper stabbed with checks and x's and more small scribbles appear evry now and then and I have to get more paper for the most detailed details like the flowers, the accessories, the entourages names which are now very familiar to me even if they don't have faces that I have imagined yet and the list goes on.
It is another tiring day and another day will open before I wake up and the countdown will continue.
Amidst the tons of work have to do for the wedding, I still had time to make a simple webpage for Myton and Bambi's wedding.