Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Angels

What is important in all our existence is to make the road easier for the next generattion to live in. Most grown ups would say or have said in their earlier days that "I will give my children the things I haven't got or I will not give them the hard times that I have experienced in my growing days". Indeed, the time has come and passed and many of us have fulfilled that promise and even blessed with more than one prayed for.

In the not-so-far away land of Abu Dabi in UAE, a group of San Carlos OFWs formed a unity called San Carlos City Aidgivers with one major goal which is to help and make life easier for the less fortunate brithers and sisters in their hometown of San Carlos City. The founding members (whom some of you will be familiar with) are Rinocen L. Canoy, Nimrod F. Nemenzo, Marciano F. Camorista, Jerry Nelson Bravo, my sister Ma. Alma Cabales Bravo. and Elissa L. Canoy.

Founded and formed more than four years ago (the conceptualization of SCCA), the group has already sent scholars to highschool and every year during Christmas, a bagful of grocery were given to chosen people.

Being part of the chosen people tasked to send out letters to schools for scholarships and handing the Christmas bags, I never felt so blessed being an instrument of this act of giving for the joy and happiness that one shows when receiving these gifts of love always touches my heart and it makes me hope that I can find more blessings so I could be able to share more.

Giving gifts to those who need more is always a humbling experience and there is always a small pinch in my heart thinking that their Christmas and New Year's eve will be happier and brighter for the angels have sent home their little tokens of love.

Keep it up SCCA and keep inspiring all of us!

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alma bravo said...

thank you for this heartwarming message or should I say write up...and thank you also for being our hands and feet to make all these possible...
you are already a blessing to many.. without being aware of it.. you have given a livelihood to many, helped develop their talents...and most of all being a SON or (daughter?) to papa which none of us can ...with your mere presence.... A BIG THANK YOU!!!!