Monday, January 5, 2009


Finally, last night (Jan.4'09), the Pasko sa Paseo has ended. The typhoon "Auring" has proven than nature can really alter everything - even the grand production number we have conceptualized with Jeremy as the choreographer and even the snow which was imported from the states wasn't able to drizzle because of the wind and rain that Auring had brought.

As the saying goes, "All is well that ends well", and the working committee (composed of Remy, Nicnic, Marsha, Gina, Gloria, Nang Lourdes, Joe, the Viajerro crew and the SJRI staff) has proven themselves that magic is still alive for we have created a Pasko sa Paseo in three weeks.

As we went out the gates of Paseo last night, I saw these three boys sprawling in the corner, sleeping and curdled like sleeping oil with their tamborine prop and I realized they came from a post Holiday caroling. It was then I remember that it was "Three Kings' and truly God can make signs and nature does the work for He has brought these children to the gates where the gold angel decors of Paseo can guard them and nature to breeze them with cold wind so they will curl into balls covered with their tshirts and make a good picture for me (lol).

But this is not just a story of a good subject for pictures but a sign of times, poverty and negligence of those concerned. The fortunate ones can only ask "what if" or "where are the parents of these sleeping shephereds?" or just lookthe opposite side or sigh. But with almost all organizations spreading love through gifts during Christmas, the less lucky ones are growing their number every year.

With this year's Pasko sa Paseo 2009, SJRI hopes to warm each cold night, feed each complaining stomach, and brighten each night with our WHITE CHRISTMAS.

These three sleeping boys are reflections of ourselves, you and me, that we must sometimes take a rest and forget the cold, the rain, and the judging eyes of the people for what is important is we got ourselves to rely on and by curdling ourselves together the warmth is stronger and no storm can harm us.

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