Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Brightest and Happiest

When you notice that dusk arrives early and you need to grapple for your blanket at dawn, these are signs that the Yuletide season is 20 yards away from you. The season to give and receive will be remembered this year for the place to celebrate the act of sharing ( yes, aside from our decorated homes) is about to be lightened up.

The San Julio Realty Inc. will share to the public the blessings and the essence of life through a small strip of walkway called the Paseo De Flores which will be transformed into a place magical and memorable - The Pasko sa Paseo, a Christmas Village that will highlight the true meaning of sharing and celebrating the child in all of us.

Opening this 16th of December at 6:30 pm, the Village will be open until the 4th of January from 5 in the afternoon to 12 midnight where different groups and organizations will be showcasing their own way of giving back what they have been showered- from the talents of some schools to gift giving and magical entertainments.

If one has forgotten the feeling of enjoyment and fascination in seeing a rabbit turned into a dove or simply the relaxing feeling of watching a series of dancing lights until they take one away from reality, then Pasko sa Paseo will be the place to share the enchantment with your children and your grand little ones. Fascination and dream can again be one.

With the support of the San Carlos City Government and the numerous sponsors, San Julio Realty wishes to touch more lives, inspire more minds and tickle the lost child in all of us.

Keep posted for the schedule of activities.

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