Thursday, December 18, 2008


With only three weeks to realize a dream, the minds and hands of the people involved were compared to the ants who never got tired and hurrying their obligations before the rain arrives. Finally, after a week of nights with 3 hours sleep, the rain has come in the form of a blessing called the Openinng Night.

The afternoon was windy, rain clouds pass over the workers as if teasing us for a raindrop but not a single drop fell down from the skies and when the clock stroke six thirty, the big lights hovering over the Paseo de Flores main entrance was turned off and the Jester came out from the dark paths of the Paseo and the show entitled "the Birth of The Chosen One" began and angels came, the three kings and the painted animals arrived.

The concept that I have created for the opening was about the true colors of Christmas and the birth of our Creator but in a new twist, I did not know what sealed the people's hands from clapping - if it was awe or maybe boedom, until I received good feedbacks and I realized that the gates of the dream created has already been realized.

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