Sunday, August 8, 2010


This is a CALL to all MOTHERS: Kindly read all comments posted against Alexa, who happens to be my niece.... would you, as a Mother, allow other kids to lambast the dignity and person of your child just because she happens to be "fat & ugly" and "eew, "subak" "swine flu" , "salot", etc.? Me? I won't allow it!! And, I won't take these snides and mudslinging "sitting down"! Facebook used to be fun, for me at least, and when down-moments happen...we share them here and then friends send suggestions, and voila! Somehow, they brighten my day! But look what happened now, this became the avenue of kids' bad remarks, unaware that when they do so.... they reflect the kind of upbringing they have at HOME and the kind of EDUCATION they get from COLEGIO DE STO. TOMAS-RECOLETOS!!!! So, ATTENTION too: ALL PARENTS & TEACHERS OF CST-R. Our FAMILY do not want to think that these are indeed so. i hope parties concerned can do something.... we abhor to think that respect for other people has gone awash with this generation. An old adage come to mind: "The YOUTH IS THE HOPE of the FATHERLAND", but how can this be so when this group of kids do not yet know the rights of any individual? That NOBODY, and ABSOLUTELY NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO PUT PEOPLE DOWN, and HURT SOMEONE, whenever their whims strike them. DO NOT EMULATE PLEASE.

Everyone has PRIDE and when you hit that pride "below the belt", you know you are walking on quicksand!!!

ADULTS: Do comment on this blog, our family would appreciate that.... it's time people would LISTEN & BE AWARE. THANK YOU.

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alex said...

Alexa, my youngest sister, I would admit, is not entirely goodie goodie in whatever interpretation one would want that. Like any other older brother, who loves her dearly, I feel bad as I read all of the comments. Considering that she is the youngest of eight broods who are all grown-ups when she was born, it is very sad that we were not with her as she was growing. Like many children, she is in the process of finding herself and discovering how she fits in. I feel bad that we can not protect her from the cruelty that she is subjected to by these little children who are not aware of the implications of what they are doing, more so that it is broadcasted all over the internet for everybody to see. My sister's self esteem is so fragile that we do not want her to feel unloved and unwanted just because she is not according to what most of her peers want. I appeal to the parents of those concerned to help us in restoring the dignity of our sister, I am sure if others would do that to your children you too would react the same way as we are reacting right now. I pray that those remarks will not shatter whatever self worth that is left to Alexa. These are troubling signs of how today's generation of children are and something must be done. Please. let us do our part