Wednesday, July 7, 2010


As a tradition, in every special occasion that VIAJERRO is part of, like the Pintaflores Festival or the Bodypainting Competitions, we create our own personal remembrance to commemorate the event. The 50th Charter Day Celebration was no exception and we took the moment to show the public of our new logo, the dragonfly.
All the VIAJERRO crew were given shirts as a sign that we have done it and we are going to soar high like the dragonflies who fly swifter and more aggressive. But one shirt came back and flew at our back gate. This time the dragonfly came out tattered, wounded and vandalized.
I cannot help but laugh and shook my head for it has proven my hunch that it will come back like one dragonfly who has strayed away from its pond...I was right.
This deed is a very desperate one, it might be very inhuman for all of us but it is a natural action for those who have too much in their hearts. People who have great burden and loads that they cannot carry because they do not want to share their loads to anyone else to be supported and helped by friends and families.
I cannot build any grudge or think negative thoughts about this person for "she" deserves to be redirected to a happier life, she needs to be loved and understood because maybe all her life "love" is a word that has been translated to "sex" and nothing else.
In these new times, moral conduct and good manners have been deleted in many. It seems that most think that one's family name is so easy to be edited in Photoshop or maybe ignored like you want to ignore one person who wants to befriend you on facebook. In our younger days, when my mom was still alive, we are always reminded that we have nothing to be proud of but our family name which is the only legacy we could leave our children. As gays, my brother and I have have been accepted by all our family and relatives, and we are always reminded not to do anything shameful to the name we have been given.
In these days, one's family name is not important anymore. But for us, me especially bearing my mom's complete family name and my father's as well, we are always very careful not to step on our names, our dignities as Estampadors and Cabaleses. This deed (the harrassment of the shirt) might make many furious and angry but let us not let our emotions run over our sanity. Instead, we just have to understand the doer and pray that may the light shine upon her and her heart too because I strongly feel her heart has become so hard that the blood cannot pump anymore beauty into her soul.
As educated and human beings, let us just try understanding the one who are not blessed with education, with right guidance and breeding.
Let us help them see the beauty of life instead blocking them the sunshine we have been enjoying. Living in the caves and no creativity can be hazardous to those outside.

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