Saturday, August 21, 2010


I wanted to post many weeks ago but there is nothing worth writing about. Would I react about the freedom of speech of the youth today as evidently written in the Facebook account where my niece was tagged or would I react about the news of Police harassment seen lately on tv? There are many things that should alarm us, there are many things to speak about, and there are many more things that we must not overlook.
I wanted to post and I looked for an inspiration. Scanning the images in my laptop’s folders, I happened to come upon the images during my pre-nuptial photoshoot with Weng and Jay. I took some photos of a family who were about to go home after gathering firewood along the river in South Villa.

I want to write more but I guess these images could tell their individual stories and their story as a whole. I am out of words because these images have words written that will haunt me for a long time.

We are luckier we have cellphones yet we ask our parents for ones which are newer for friends to see and be envied; we have computers and internets and FB accounts where we have the freedom to speak what we want, befriend whom we want, shout our hatred about anything; we have food on our table what we ask for something that has not been there since lunchtime; we have curly hair but we want what is advertised as “in”; we have clothes but we like a color our friend wore last time and we would lock in our rooms for our parents don’t have the extra for a new dress but still we win because no parent wants to disappoint a child and would drive extra miles for that dress.

We are luckier, right?

I have placed aside in my files, a program called “Art for the Streets (A4DS)” which should have happened one year ago. This is about giving back what we have, giving out some clutters in our walk-in cabinets, sharing our little ideas to those who have less or none at all. If Facebook is so full of non important shout outs, writings on walls that cannot add to the society’s needs and unfinished sentences wanting for others to comment and thread until the 190th comment when all was said was “hehehe” then maybe we could turn this social networking medium to help and let others be helpful to society. We just cannot rely our government to solve the problems all together but maybe, just maybe, in our “own little way” we can touch lives, feed souls, and make someone else’s life better.

Let us work together, make the A4DS program a reality.

For those interested to volunteer and support, please email me at

Aren’t we luckier we have email ads?

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