Sunday, January 3, 2010

Just Another Christmas?

Another Christmas has passed and before it faded like the Christmas carols of the children in our doorsteps, most of us asked ourselves "Why is this Christmas not as joyous as before?"
San Carlos City's 2009 Christmas may have been a cold one - the plaza was not well lighted as the past years, the Centermall Area looked so cold and uninviting except for those who wanted to drink and be merry for the holidays. But what was there for those who wanted a different Christmas every year? Nothing.
Last year, there was the Pasko sa Paseo that made our Christmas worth enjoying but this year was one that we can call "just another Christmas".
The New Year has passed without us having to be excited about the coming year 2010. So what is there that we should be celebrating for? Life for the past year that didn't bring us catastrophe? or just that we are still alive and celebrate "another Christmas?
As Filipinos, what is important is a complete family as we celebrate our Maker's natal day, with siblings who come home for from far away working places just to make the Christmas one that we can call a family occasion, a time to reflect of the hardships of each family member and celebrate the successes of each of the members. It is the time to reminisce and hear what each has to say. And for those who have were not able to come, Christmas even though cold and wanting, can only be complete with a simple phone call.
So it is just another Christmas, and so with each year that has passed. All we have to do is be excited of what is coming and be thankful for the life of each family member has gone through. Well, 2010 Christmas is just around the bend, so better make the 300 plus days more worthy to be remembered if 2011 is about to come.

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