Thursday, November 27, 2008


sigh, after nearly one year of hybernating and changing skins, I have finally done the web of NUI. It took me many drafts, many photoshop aletration, image and look change, and most of all searching for the best imge that would fit the personality that ine can truly call Nui. so, here is the web, the photography and works links are still being developed - i did not realize the size of the things that I am going to upload until I did the categorization, from people to places, to weddings and events, oh yeah, the bodypainting site.

just keep posted so you will always be up to date.

My many thanks to the San Carlos Interactive group of Eros and Ted for giving me the huge unlimited space and I hope I did not disappoint you, to the contributors of photos, to Georgene for her time and talent and to the followers!

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