Tuesday, November 4, 2008

And Who is the Fairest of them All?

It was a night of color and again, pageantry that Pintaflores is all about, this time after more than ten years, I was tasked to direct the Miss San Carlos. After the tension of the brown out has delayed our jobs to be done, after the blood raising attitudes of the candidates and after the tests of how we can survive a show that would surpass everyone's expectations - I can say it is finally done. I wasn't able to post the individaul details of most of the candidates for I was too busy and too tired to open the internet after a long day work.

Promise to post the images that we, the photographers are proud of.

And here are the winners, Aozora Marquez, 2nd runner-up and Miss photogenic,Janice Jade Tejano, who also won the Best in Gown was 1st Runner-up and the fairest is Danielle Villaflor who won the best in swimsuit, Miss SJRI,Miss Avon and the Best in Talent.

Too tired and sleepy, more to post tomorrow.

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