Thursday, July 24, 2008


"Do no write when you are angry" it has been written but for how long will one strntch one's understanding and patience so as not to evoke grudge or ill feeling towards others?

Six months have passed when we created a gown to be used for a pageant of beauties for our San Carlos representative in Kabangkalan, until this day the payment has not been fully paid. I know the budget for the certain gown was already been released by the City Government, half of the total cost was paid before the gown was released and I expected that the remaining half will be given when the gown is done. The City and everybody else was busy for their Sinulog presentation and when I asked for the remaining balance after the Sinulog, I was told by the Tourism Office representatives that the balance will be given after papers will be signed. Waiting again, I thought of how can the papers will still be waiting for signing when the gown has been used and probably been reused already.

A week after, only half of the half was released because of another reason - because they will still be waiting for the refund of whatever-do-I-care. Huh? Oh yes, the money inended for the payment of the dress was used during the Sinulog because they were lacking of budget!

It was about many months later when I was old that the money was used for personal reasons. If I haven't asked for what was due they I wouldn' have known.

Maybe this is a really personal matter tha I shouldn't be writing thos for all to know but who doesn't have the right to know? I have long been wanting to write about this but it seems that I am not the only one who hasn' been compensated for what we had done. Maybe the others are too busy or too rich to ask what is due for them but this is not a question of being rich but a queston of using the money of others for your own personal reasons especially that the money is from the City.

I guess this is not just a matter of personal ethics but work ethics as well which some of the employees were not able to comprehend well. If only they could just review what has been written in the code of ethics for those working in the government then they could really enjoy the beauty and the advantage of being in the City Hall and they would realize that whatever is paid by the Government should be given back with full heart and soul - may it be government money or government time which must not be used enhancing ones Friendster account.

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