Friday, July 4, 2008

A Story of What Believe

Allan Dela Fuente, "Against", Kalibo, Aklan

Myton Ouano & Eric Cabales, "Can One Lose Faith"

Allan Dela Fuente, "Kalibo Cathedral"

Eric Cabales, "The Face of Faith", Kalibo, Aklan

Myton Ouano's "Sunrise"

Myton Ouano's MIAG-AO

Myto Ouano, "The Bell Tower"

Myton Ouano

Eric Cabales, "Someone to Watch Over
Eric Cabales, "Welcome Home", Ibajay, Aklan

Eric Cabales, "Reservations Not Allowed", Ibajay, Aklan

Eric Cabales, "Till Next Time", Ibajay, Aklan

Every tomorrow has two handles. We can take hold of it by the handle of anxiety, or by the handle of faith.

~Author Unknown

Planning to back up my files in my laptop, I came across pictures that I have almost forgotten. Images of travels of mine and my friends, images that move my inner saintliness as each one of us also have. These images speak to me about grace, grandeur, and even God's words that seem painted in the walls and in the faces of the pictures. Moving is a word described when an image describes not just the scene being taken but the more apparent emotion is the one of the image taker. This is a story of three people that took images of life that are inanimate yet have the power to bring hurt from within in the form of tears or joy in the form of ecstacy undescribed, this is a story of love for mankind and the journey taken separately and ending in one destiny.

Life is a story full of questions, twists and turns but no matter how we move our three cameras, where we focus our lenses, what exposure one uses - we all ended up with one story.
This is a story of the unexpected light distribution, accidental timing and maybe a story that was once told but never been seriously taken.

All of us has a story to tell and if these pictures are true to the saying then this story can be retold and revised a thousand times and still can touch each core of our hearts a thousand times more for this is a story of us.

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