Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Another Seven?

After the hardships of making the ENGKANTADO, The Nui Bodypainting Awards '08, we were asked of the budget for the NUI Pintaflores Bodypainting Competition (NPBC) for this year's Pintaflores Festival in November, it really is a good feeling if people are interested with helping us - the striving artists and the even hungry people of the city. We hope that this time we will not be informed weeks before the fiesta that we cannot be sponsored by the Local Government and the Tourism Office due to insufficient funds after six years of producing good quality performances for San Carlos.

We can accept the fact that the NPBC cannot compete with the attention a Miss SCC Beauty Pageant (like any other beauty pageants) gets from the viewing masses and the hungry wolves but if we dig deeper within each of us there is a blank space and a longing that wants to experience beauty at its truest form and it is ART. We need it and we must seek for is everlasting existence. But this post is not about art but about the coming seventh NPBC in November.

We are calling all artists, sponsors, female models, and others who want to take part of the rebirth of an almost dead beauty.

There is still no fixed date for the submisssion of Entries but we hope we can get earlier response from the higher level.

May the response be a "YES! We will support you all the way" or a "Sorry, better luck next time" or "Sorry, I cannot answer your call because I am already in the bedroom."

For the meantime, let us keep our fingers crossed and our minds open.

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