Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The January Weddings

Starting with my wedding works, maybe it would be appropriate to commence the wedding stories with the most essential of all wedding planning parts...the wedding gown. Doing weddings for more than a decade has taught me a lot. And the experience of the groom and bride to be with moi has been more than exciting. One groom wrote me that "it has been a memorable and happy roller coaster ride with you" pertaining to the tension and pressure working with a designer like me! Huh! but as the story always ends...everything went into place.

Nothing is such as a perfect wedding, every wedded couple, every experienced principal sponsor (how many times have I worn this ecru dress already?), every designer and wedding planner could attest to that. But still, in this memorable day of the newly wed and just financially strained couple,
before realizing they don't have the energy for a honeymoon, whew! it was worth it!

I welcome you to my daily life as a fashion designer and the designs that make time fly fast are the gowns for the brides and their respective entourages for my two January '08 weddings.
This blog will be a window for my couples-to-be to view their wedding in progress. And one reason for them to check out if I have been doing my work!

The first one will be a Filipiniana inspired wedding set in a beautiful garden in Palm Springs, California.

My love for details always prevails, this passion for the minutest of details is very eminent in most of the Filipino designers who some would opt for intricate embroidery and some for lace over lace.
The creativity of the Filipinos is incomparable.
The detail of the "train" reflects one aspect the Spanish heritage of the Filipinos, the fan and the love for wine. The concept of the fan and wine will also be used in the guest give-aways. Here are samples of the give-aways we have personally made for this wedding.

These bamboo creations represent the "sugong", a container for coconut wine. Representing the rural Filipino tradition of celebration, the "sugong" is adorned with two different abaca twines, rafia, and wood shelving flower. This truly is a Filipino pride.

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