Tuesday, September 18, 2007



It seemed like the three beasts of the Book of Revelations with their seven heads each came to me when I was notified that the Local Government of San Carlos has decided not to give support for the NPBC7 this year. It was a jumble of my emotions hearing the news even though I had the sense that this year the Government will not be supporting the NPBC as it had for the past six years. I would like to thank the San Carlos City Local Government for their support for the past six years. The NPBC would not have last without your support. My deepest gratitude for the help you have extended.

I knew there was a sign somewhere that warned me not to continue the plan for the Seventh Nui Pintaflores Bodypainting Competition(NPBC) but the fight for the recognition of artists is very strong. I did send the letter hoping for a positive reaction from the Festival Organizers. I knew it! Gut feeling sometimes can be very true!

As explained by the festival head, they have problems of stretching the budget since they have NEWER programs and activities for the Pintaflores Festival’07 like Fireworks Competition (like the one in Dumaguete) and others. Maybe it was one way of saying that the bodypainting is not worth giving awareness to since it is not worthy of showing to the public. Maybe the public can understand better the money spent as the sky is lighted with colors for a few seconds worth of thousands! Maybe the public can enjoy better watching the beauties of San Carlos strut their bodies on stage for the coveted crown of the Beauty of the Year. Or maybe the public can understand better the meaning of a Fiesta through rock bands and a street long trails of tables filled with beers and broken plastic chairs.

It is a maybe for a question unasked. Why?

The Local Government has been a partner of Nui for six years in presenting to the people a part of their Visayan Culture – the beauty of the ancestry of ours called the Pintados. The story of the Pintados’ existence can be read in many history books, and because of this idea the NPBC was created FOR San Carlos. And after six long years, will the NPBC become a history like the Pintados?

Visual Artists are always called striving artists, you know why? It is because there is always the long struggle for recognition of the essential subsistence of the arts in a society. It is also because of this thought that I am always prepared for “NO” answers even though my heart and soul want a “YES” to continue the struggle for the recognition of the NPBC as a highlight of the Pintaflores Festival. I thought I had created a niche for the artists to express their talents, I thought the NPBC was considered as one of the highlights of the Festival, or maybe I was just dreaming.

Will there be another bodypainting competition for San Carlos?

Maybe next year or maybe never.

In life there is no guarantee and nothing lasts forever like the green and red fire that ignite the black skies and the temporary smiles of the public.

See you next year!


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