Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Moment

The days flew like crows scared by a movement in the bushes. No matter how long we prepared for the wedding of Myton and Bambi, the day of the 23rd came. It was the most stressful wedding I have ever done but it was one that I cannot forget. The making of a wedding is not an easy task especially this one when you have to surpass everybody’s expectations. This wedding has taught me a dozen lessons and ideas, a handful of recollected stories of friendship and mouthful of pride. It was a memorable wedding and what made it more unforgettable were:

(1) the presence of Jenny Antonio who had he patience and the talent of organizing my chaotic mind;

(2) the trust of the groom and the bride for giving the chance me most of the dirty work and unique ideas;

(3) the videographers (Threelogy) and photographers (East Digital Studio) who were crazy in all aspects;

(4) the bridal entourage who kept on their friendly modes;

(5) the humble cake maker who created one gigantic and stunning cake that make my hairs do their goose bumps;

(6) the coffee rations by Bogs to keep me up with their SanMig Lite rendezvous;

(7) the helping hands of Aljhun, my PA(?) who is the only one who can cope up with my busy and unpredictable mind;

(8) the extended hands of Andy who despite his frantic schedule in the PMA has secured me names for he Baguio flowers suppliers and Alfie who sent the floras from Manila;

(9) and most of all, our dear God who made this all achievable.

After the last d├ęcor has been put down, when even the small box of flowers was too heavy to carry downstairs, I can say that I have done my part and it was all worth the time, effort, and sweat. But there is only one thing that I have regretted, yes, I did not get to take pictures, yes not a single shot!

Just visit Threelogy’s website (the photos above were clipped from their on-site video) and check their AVP during the reception. How can I describe their work? Beautiful.

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