Friday, January 4, 2008

Everything happens because of you

Wedding stories are happy stories, like movies and telenovelas, the end episode usually shows the lovers reuniting after great unimaginable mishaps and intrigues have kept them separating and coming back to each others arms but others jushave beautiful stories in between episodes and this wedding is one.
It is 19 days more before the big day of myton and bambi and the pressure on my part as the second half of the organizing committee (i am lucky to have jenny antonio to be the other half) and everything is rushing like the last bus going home. The checklist now becomes a paper stabbed with checks and x's and more small scribbles appear evry now and then and I have to get more paper for the most detailed details like the flowers, the accessories, the entourages names which are now very familiar to me even if they don't have faces that I have imagined yet and the list goes on.
It is another tiring day and another day will open before I wake up and the countdown will continue.
Amidst the tons of work have to do for the wedding, I still had time to make a simple webpage for Myton and Bambi's wedding.

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