Thursday, March 5, 2015


In my search for enlightenment for my new photography and bodypainting series, I did not realize the culture of Aklan as a very versatile and a very rich one.

EAGNAT it TALIBONG is about the passion of each artist, each writer, each artisan who seek for enrichment and freedom of his expression. It is not about the story of the Talibong which becomes feverish when it cannot slay someone. "Eagnat" for me pertains to the fever of each of us, the fever that only leaves the body when an idea or artwork is expressed fully. It represents our desire to share, to educate and maybe to help others see what we feel.

I am most grateful to have met Mel Constanino, Sumra Dela Cruz, Fuji Teodosio (who recently had an exhibit of his pen and ink Talibongs in the Akean Museum) and I finally found someone who is equally dedicated to promote artistry, preserve the culture, and uplift the artisans of Aklan, Hon. Soviet Dela Cruz.

My journey started a month ago as we did a shoot in Afga, Tangalan, Aklan but I feel the journey become real when we passed by a "Pandayan" a Blacksmith's work area, in Bugtong Bato, Aklan.
When I entered Manong Hernen Traje's workplace, I cannot believe that I am now inside the dream of the Talibong. I let myself get lost in this place, so proud of an idea that now became a reality.

I am still lost for words. Maybe the photos will tell the stories themselves.

Let the dream continue...

Let us support these artisans by buying their works, the butcher's and kitchen knives from 888, Unitop, and other department stores may be cheaper but as Hon. Soviet Dela Cruz said "We have the better quality of knives and these artisans deserved to be supported.

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Art Vandelay said...

Wow. Nice atticle.. Firstt time i've read about this. Thank you! - (steve)