Thursday, November 24, 2011


It is a troubled world. Our Philippines among other countries has been a playground for murderers, filthy educators and politicians, and people who seek for peace and justice. From the chaos and massacre of innocents in Mindanao to the political arena in the higher government in Manila, Philippines, my Philipppines, is still craving for peace. 
I once read that "there can only be peace if there is justice" but has the word "justice" been truly served to the people? I have been born in the Martial Law era and often asked what was life during those years, I cannot answer for I was still starting to learn how to draw and speak at the same time. As I grew older, I remember Malacanang being stormed, heard about a Mendiola Massacre, the Escalante Massacre, rapes of young girls, mothers murdering their own children, the Edsa Revolution, and more and more gore and headlines. 
Today, the news on the tv and the papers are all about injustices, seeking for fair treatment, children's rights, political unrests, and what else is new. 
I am not a photographer on the streets taking photos of these events, I do not have the chance to go out there and be a part of the running and shouting and I do not have the gut to be one who spreads the news, I might say, I am just not brave enough. 
I am not a travel photographer who can spread the beauty of nature, the culture and the people and bring people to come see the people.
I am a mere artist who want to express what he feels of his society, gives what he can to his generation and maybe the next. I cannot travel because I cannot, circumstances. I have not joined any photo contests, I still feel I am not able enough.
"Justice" may be my first step towards another path, one path that is filled with life's thorns and bruises. As an artist, I hope to spread the beauty of life, the colors and the drama within. 

We seek justice and peace, look inside, it is there.

Thank you Kareen Jane Batuigas and Jonathan Librando for being such patient models; To Jhay Lanohan, Jr Bello and Joevir Gabutero for the painting, production set-up and lending me your lenses (in that order).

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