Wednesday, July 27, 2011


My DSLR cameras are the two Canon Rebels 300D and 500D or Canon XTi which were gifts to me by my younger brother. My old 300D came in 2005, and at that moment I realized that I have been left behind by technology. It took me two years to be convinced that Digital Photography can be called Art. I have been using SLRs since my high school years and my idea of manipulating a photograph was an insult to photography and everything turned around and the DSLR has been a new medium for me to express Art in a new way.
With camera models changing form every moment, lenses getting more accurate and fast, photographers growing like mushrooms, one cannot evade feeling intimated by their peers being so "in" with the new gadgets.
One has to be keen, observant, open minded in order to become creative. One has to be sensitive and courageous enough to free his inner artist because it is the only way we can express ourselves in a unique way. It is through reaching for the ultimate that we can become different from the rest.
Our city doesn't have an art gallery where artists can show their works to the public, we do not have art and photography contests nor workshops and seminars to enhance our skills and creativity, we are always left to our devices. These factors cannot contain our creativity nor the availability of our equipment.
As artists we can find ways to excel and be noticed with only a few resources in our hands, our brains have higher resolutions, so to speak, and our eyes have different depth of field. Each of us has the "eye", it only needs a little tickling to be opened.
"LIMITED RESOURCES / UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES" is a series of art and photography workshop that will tackle about where can one get inspirations for his works, what makes an artistic photograph work,
how to evoke emotions and how to get the most out of your simple gadgets.
This will be a workshop of opening  the artistic side in you and pushing to the limits of your creativity without paying for higher end gadgets.

We will be SHARING SOON.

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