Friday, May 27, 2011


To all the bodypainting fanatics and the eager phoographers and artists, we truly regret to announce that the "Pintag-lawas, Skin+Paint+Tattoo" and our Tenth Year Bodypainting Celebration has to be moved on a later date. Many unavoidable consequences and events have to be done and the bodypainting has to give way.
We will be staging the event in November or December. The final date and guidelines will be announced within the month of June.

Thank you bearing with us. We hope to make our tenth year as the best presentation we have ever staged wherein we will feature all the highlights of the past ten bodypainting events, the winning artists who will vie for the title of the Artist of the Decade, and the competition of the best of the best bodypainting models ever to grace the NUI Bodypainting arena.

We assure you that the event is not one to miss. Again, our deepest regrets.

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