Friday, March 19, 2010

tHreading a different path

The busy March schedule kept many things postponed, like the trip to Aklan, the opening sale of the VIAJERRO 2010 Summer Collection, and the shoot with Albert. But we have finally managed to squeeze in some, and it is the photoshoot with Albert Leonid in Canlaon.
It took us about forty minutes to the end of the motor road from the City of Canlaon to Brgy. Mapot and another many minutes to Sudlon Falls. "Sudlon" really lives up to its name because we really need to come inside the deep cavern and along the river of waters and boulders.
We have arrived at last! The sky was gloomy, the surrounding was quiet except for the heavy gush of water of the falls. Awed, I was. This is something different, something that I really need because it is with nature that you can enjoy God's given life. We are too busy with finishing the deadline and it is here that time and yout life seem to flow endlessly, nothing can stop the flow even the nature-created dams of big stones.
And we started shooting...
I had a hard time thinking of the concept of the photo shoot, but once you get the vibe of nature breathing underneath and around you everything falls to pieces like the dew from the clouds to each leaf of the Canlaon forest, to the damp moss and gathered together to the little creek forming into a wider body of water.
The water was cold, fresh and filtered. Like being touched by a forest goddess every nerve of your body seemed to relax with the water. "This is what I always wanted", I said to myself.
But time has to be stopped and we have to pack our things and leave nature alone before we wake the sleeping gods of nature.
Back to the road, back to the dirt with nothing much to carry but my camera and many memories - I again felt fear and danger on the rough road ahead. My mind was busy with the images of people we have passed along, the azure sky rejoicing the birth of Summer, the dust powdering our weary and hungry faces and suddenly...
I felt the road on my right side come near me, we were sliding the rough and dirty road! It was like a scene from Matrix where everything was running in 2 frames per second, everything was slowed down.
My legs were trembling but didn't show, my ears went dumb, my shoes were colored with dust yet my camera was safe. Haha, I can really do it. I did it. This has been appearing in my mind many years ago, like deja vu. It was deja vu.
Assessing the damage, there was a little. A few scratches on the motorcycle and on me. Blood flowed a little but it the sting was starting to take its role.
We arrived in Panubigan countless of minutes after. The pain started but it was nothing. It was nothing but it meant many things, I have taken a break, I have riden a motorbike again after years of fear and the wound was the trophy.
It didn't matter. In whatever we have done especially in our age (!), there is nothing more to regret for everything is worth what it is. Live life, enjoy, be ready and share...

Threading a different path? It is finding new paths and destinations, new thread to sew my designs and new concepts for VIAJERRO.

the IMAGES of the adventure in this link


Anonymous said...

graaet job every one

it looke graet

Shoshana said...

that is some bruises you got there...but you have wonderful pictures. I looked at the ones in facebook through Jennifer Manuel's link.