Sunday, April 12, 2009

Time Flies

Fubbt hiw time flires when you are having fun. When we made our second meeting for the silver (yes, you read it right, silver, meaning 25 years) highschool celebration in September, the time we have expected to spare went beyond what we have planned to eventhough there was merely a 10 percent attendance of the whole class of 84 of Tanin Academy.
It was a day of sharing our stupidity and awkward moments during highschool, all talks were about everything as if we wanted to fill the lost 25 years when we last parted. Some grew older than us, some are happy and contented but most of us have changed with time. It was very difficult to compress the lost years into one day but each of my classmates hoped there would be more who will appear during the reunion on September 2.
For those who didn't come, you lost your 16 years and if you want to cope up with us, better appear!
Call me for i am the one in charge of everything.
09052818333/ 0347293019

The people in the topmost photo include (clockwise) Susan Abay, Mesalane Laspinas, Ingrid Catalan, moi, Christine Alfredo. Cheryl Lozada, Antonio Diacamos, Jeric Villarino, Romeo Diosana, Sally Laspobres, Allan Nemenzo.
Bottom pic ( with the iconic Nurzeda mali)

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