Thursday, March 19, 2009


It is our eight after the first bodupainting in 2001. We, the organizers of only three people, have wanted the bodypainting to grow with the 2000 millenia but 2007 wasn't a lucky year for us. This year, we are trying very hard to keep the fire burning, the fire that ignited the passion of many San carlos artists, gave hope to the younger ones who want to become artists.
It is always a hard trek for us to keep the bodypainting running on its feet because of the main concern of budget. We have to ask for more private individuals to support us because they are the ones who keep the art of bodypainting alive. The City Government of San Carlos have been a huge help in presenting the Bodypainting for six years(2001-2006) and we owe them our existence.
Last year's ENGKANTADO was a success but the road to the end was a very strenuous one (frankly, it was my first time to play lotto hoping to get the money and add what the whole budget lacked) but inspite of the very hard time, as artists, we sighed and smiled and said "we did it!".
This year, we again want to make it. To all San Carlosanons, we ask for your support to keep the bodypainting alive because this is an art medium that we can call our own. Bodypainting celebrates the art of our ancestors of Negros, it celebrates the new era of the PINTAFLORES and it celebrates the beauty of the minds of the artists.
We fervently hope that you and your organizations can help us in our endeavors and help create one page of our history.

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