Friday, June 13, 2008


The photo exhibit of the ENGKANTADO in Gaisano City San Carlos brought a new dimension in the NUI Bodypainting Awards and it brought the high art to the masses. !7 photographers from San Carlos, Bacolod and Cebu City took part in capturing the essence of nature, art and photography in one location called Fortuna Lagoon. From more than 40 images, the public was fed with colors and emotions and some had cast their choice for the Best Picture. It was the first for he SCC public - the first to view the bodypainting in still images and the first to take part in choosing the best captured moment. 335 eager people casted their votes, almost all pictures were voted and there even was a small number of votes that set the first from the second as the winner garnered 45 votes. The Nui Bodypainting Awards Committee proudly congratulates MIKE JO of The Cebu Digital Photographers for his moving and magical take of Charnis Gonzales in flight.
Congraulations MIKE!
Our thank yous to Dennis, and the Camera Club of Negros and Cebu Digital Photographers and Mr. Marton Cui for allowing us to photograph the beauty of Fortuna Lagoon.

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