Monday, April 14, 2008

Beneath the surface

The summer trip to Aklan has been one memorable one, or maybe we-Allan, bheboy and me- just know how to make use of our time. The vacation was not a time to relax at all but another chance for us to create and explore. The finishing of the Kayama Beachhouse culminated the trip or maybe it has just opened the chance for us to enjoy the scenery, the experience and maybe come back for another trip to gather driftwood, marble stones and collect more memories. The Boracay trip could have been just-another-trip but the pictorial seesion with our ever versatile companion, Bheboy, the trip was worth the heat and chaos. These are some of the studies for the Engkantado campaign. Set in the farthest strip of Balabag, we walked a near 2 kilometer hot sanded beach and arrived in a beautiful spot where nothing separates you from the sunset and the cliff but a few people ready to embark home to an island called Hambil, a beautiful island I jave visited in 1976 during my first experience of Boracay, when everything was in its virginal stage.

In the fight for the preservation of nature, the Boracay setting is a perfect one for the Engkantado campaign.

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