Friday, November 9, 2007

The 2nd NUI Bpdypainting Awards

It is a fact that artists are unresting individuals, everything has to be done always- no time for rest and no time for love. So here we are again, with brain cells popping with colors we decided to stage another event and it is a follow-up of my First Nui Bodypainting Awards(NBA) in July of 2000. This time the contest will be held at the Balete, San Juan, Sipaway Island giving the spectators a real life experience of mystery and beauty. Using the century old balete tree as the backdrop, the NBA committee hopes to give the public a diverse and unique presentation which will start 12 noon in April.
The 1st Sipaway Island Festival that we have organized 4 years ago was a huge success not just with the goal of getting people to experience Sipaway Island but also with generating income to the little businesses in th area such as the food vendors, trisikad drivers, and the pump boat operators. The result was overwhelming and this April we will again be doing another one.
We invite photographers, artists, and SPONSORS(!) for this endeavor.
For details and inquiries, please email me or call 09155529645 and 034-7293019.
Your participation is very important.

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