Thursday, October 4, 2007

The January Weddings (part 2)

Frantic and very drowsy ( I catch myself yawning every two minutes), the crew of five wanted to occupy their waiting beds before the clock would strike 4 am. The neighbor’s chickens were practicing their wake up rituals every now and then, drug buyers and peddlers have passed our gates in uncountable times already and the bags are nearly full, covers open looking like crocodiles waiting for a catch.

After months of preparation, the first batch of wedding essentials for January have taken form, 36 hours later, they will be flying to the cool place called California. The “buri” bags have already been dyed and beribboned, the last bead of the wood and crystal bead wedding “cord” has been stranded, the end of our vigil is near.

After ironing each dress Aljhun would hold the purple cloth behind my 12 year old and ever useful fitting form who I had christened “Emma” as I ready my camera for Emma’s photo shoot. After the shots, each dress is escorted to the anxious carriage that bears the logo of the Samsonite, each dress went through the same routine until the queen arrived.

Dressed in white, the queen looked radiant and pure amongst the fluorescent lights. After saying our goodbyes, the queen in white gracefully hop in to the Samsonite carriage and mingled with the others who wore lilac, champagne, tangerine and magenta. Seeing that they have already sat comfortably in the carriage, I put on their elastic seatbelts to ensure that they will arrive safely and crease free.

After reviewing the checklist for the first flight passengers, we closed the second carriage

containing the brown skinned wedding essentials, the “sugong” tokens and the embroidered bamboo fans and their bags. With all the bags packed, the time has finally come for us to say goodnight and goodbye. The two carriages will be traveling thousands of miles and I will be traveling another thousand dreams.

The tension has ebbed and the sleepiness has risen. It is time to park after a long trip and it is 4:26 am.

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